Thing 14 — Polldaddy, Quizlet, Timetoast

I am amazed at the wealth of information and resources that I am finding through this course. The possibilities amaze me. Even though our objective is to teach our students to think, the need to remember information is important. Quizlet is a great resource for getting information into a mind. The games are a wonderful alternative to flash cards, and the idea that students can share the resources that they create adds the collaborative component to the mix. I played with the entry concerning AP Literature for a while, though I did not try to create my own quizlet. I found the games to be challenging, fun and useful. Polldaddy could have hundreds of uses, from tracking how well students are doing with the assigned readings in a class — giving a good view of overall numbers without having to quiz in order to gauge the amount of reading assigned — to gathering information about the extracurricular responsibilities of students to the amount of sleep that they get to overall homework loads and so on. The ability to quickly learn the kinds of things polls can bring to us and be able to present them graphically can inform our decision making. The uses of Timetoast for American Literature taught historically are obvious; the ability of the service to allow collaboration adds the ideas of constructivism to the mix. I will be using this resource with wikis, quizlet, blogging and other resources that I may find to encourage my students to build a body of knowledge and skills for themselves. I will also continue to build on the tools in Google Docs, which we began to use last year.

One thought on “Thing 14 — Polldaddy, Quizlet, Timetoast

  1. Hey Mike,
    I see you’ve caught up with me!! I also liked Quizlet. I sent it out to someone but cannot remember who! The number of resources are outstanding and overwhelming. It’s giving me so many ideas and tools. This class is so lovely; I think I’m going to be in withdrawal this next week without it. I’ll have to go back and play with all the tools in order to reinforce my learning but also to keep from getting the “DT’s.”
    See ya,

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